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Cisdem AppCrypt


Restrict access to apps and websites on your Mac

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Cisdem  |  9 more applications - June 16, 2020
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Cisdem AppCrypt
Price: $29.90
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Restrict access to certain apps and websites on your Mac, with this easy-to-use security tool. Cisdem AppCrypt lets you specify a password that needs to be entered before a certain app or website can be accessed.

When running the app for the first time, you will have to specify a password. Be careful to remember this password as it cannot be retrieved. This password is required when accessing the application and for accessing the restricted apps and websites.

Four system apps are automatically added to the restricted list right from the start. This apps are system preferences, activity monitor, terminal and console. Other apps and websites can be added afterward, by using the Add App or WebBlock button from the main window.

Cisdem AppCrypt should be turned on at all times, otherwise the protection will not work. This is why it is recommended to enable automatic launch of the application at the system startup. Worth mentioning is also that you should not leave apps main window open. This way you will prevent anyone from removing the restrictions.

You can enable to take a photo with your Mac's front facing camera on every failed access attempt. This photo can then be seen on the main window, from the list of failed access attempts. This list also shows an app name, along with failed access date and time, and a reason for access being blocked.

Other options allow you to enable all protected apps to be closed when your Mac goes to sleep, or set a custom shortcuts for opening the app and for enabling/disabling the lock of websites. You can even specify a certain time periods, when access restriction to all protected apps is turned off.

In conclusion, Cisdem AppCrypt can be useful if your children or other people are using the computer. It allows you to prevent other people from unauthorized usage of certain applications, or restrict your children's use of the computer.

• Easy to use
• Shows a list of failed access attempts
• Variety of useful security options
• Useful for restricting computer's usage
• Acciddentally leaving the applications window open can allow other users to remove the restrictions
• Forgotten password cannot be retrieved
• You will have to purchase the app to be able to use it after the short trial period


Minimum requirements

• Intel processor
• Mac OS X 10.10 or later
• 512 MB physical RAM (memory) or more

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Operating system: Mac

Supported languages: English, French

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